Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

Contoh descriptive text

Contoh descriptive text kali ini Lubang Kecil share tentang Contoh descriptive text dalam Bahasa Inggris semoga artikel ini dapat memberikan manfaat untuk agan. Terima kasih telah berkunjung Di Lubang Kecil descriptive text silahkan berikut artikelnya selamat belajar bahasa Inggris


Aulia Rahman is a boy. He is student of State Senior High School 1 Kebumen. He studies in X3 class. He is the most responsible person for the affairs of the wall magazine of X3 class. He follows the activities in the Youth Red Cross and the School Safety Patrol.

Rahman is his nickname. He has tall body but rather thin. Like everyone his skin is brown. He has a nice nose, his nose is rather pointed. He has oval face and his hair is black. He has strong feet. And his kick is very nice. Because them, he become a winger in X3 class football team which called Juunen No San football team.

He is good boy. He is not only friend but also he is a good motivator. He appreciates his friends. He is a friendly boy. He is someone who can work well together. He often remind his friend when his friend do wrong. He is a cheerful, quiet and quick to make decisions. He is a good muslim.

He has musical talent. He likes to play music. He is mastering the guita

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